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About Roger Clegg, Photographer

Stait Photo are proud to present a selection of stunning images of Hadrian’s Wall by Roger Clegg.

In 2001, after 30 years working in Sales, Marketing and Business Consultancy, Roger Clegg began to photograph Hadrian’s Wall and its surrounding countryside. His intention from the outset was to capture the history and character of the Wall as well as the countryside and communities that make Hadrian’s Wall Country the beautiful and diverse area that it is today.

Roger’s pictures are more than just a record of Hadrian’s Wall Country; they show this swathe of England’s Northern Border Country throughout all seasons, from before sunrise till after sunset, and in all types of weather. Roger does not focus his attention on just the tourist “honey pots”; his photography covers the full span of the Wall from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. So his collection of pictures is very comprehensive.

Most of the pictures are taken to be informative, to show you a particular location or feature. However, Roger’s creativity gives these pictures a beauty, drama and impact that make them equally desirable in the home or for use in commerce.

Roger’s pictures are used very extensively by Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd and other organisations to promote Hadrian’s Wall Country as a holiday destination. Other uses have included decorating buses that travel the course of the Wall and a Northern Rail train. His pictures were also used by the British Museum for the “Hadrian: Empire and Conflict” Exhibition for PR, book illustrations, postcards, and within the exhibition. A huge enlargement (approximately 4m x 9m) was used at the main entrance.

A distillation of Roger’s photography is available in his book “The Spirit of Hadrian’s Wall” published by Cicerone.